Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hong Kong

The Symphony of Lights ~ the lights of the buildings will ‘dancing’ while the music surrounding…

every night at 8.00pm

Consider an ideal place for dating?

This is the morning view

‘Wong Day Syn’ ~ the famous Buddish temple in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Village ~ the poor peoples staying in the ship, this is their house!

The fun theme park in Ocean Park

Big temple in Fishing Village (Dai Yu Sun)

emm.. delicious foods on the street....

Which one do u likes? Just take one! Not enough?

Hong Kong Disney Land – I love the fire work show - the most beautiful fire work that I seen so far.

Yehh…! The night is still young…

Shopping…foods…many more…

Convenience public transport is the advantage

‘Ngow Lurm Hoh’ ~ my favorite mixed beef noodle soup

‘Chow Taw Foo’ ~ Hong Kong famous fried smelling bean curb, must try!

We don't saw anyone of the Hong Kong artist on the street,

but they are many inside the wax museum of Victoria Peak

Noodle soup & porridge is standard daily meal in Hong Kong

Night live in Macau...

Famous casino city in the world.

Ruin of St. Paul in Macau with more than 500 years in history

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