Thursday, October 2, 2008


Tanah Lot

cold... natural spring water at Tirta Ganga

Water Palace

Balinese temple, look like Japanese temple?

Blue Lagoon
(yr 2005)

u can see beautiful art work in everywhere
(yr 2005)

easy to rent a motorcycle and just rides without driving license!
(yr 2005)

Ubud Market - lot of hand made souvenirs
(yr 2005)

beautiful green padi field
(yr 2005)

we must wear 'sarong' to enter some of the temples
(yr 2005)

tradition performance - Barong Dance

Shopping city...

Kuta Beach

Balinese curry is not spicy, request for extra chili will be just fine
(yr 2005)

tired shopping? lets sit down for relax...
(yr 2005)

nobody disturb, just do what ever u want
(yr 2005)

the restaurant decorated with full of painting

a big jug of draft beer only Rp60,000 (about RM30)

seafood dinner on the beach...
fish, squid, clam, crab & beer cost not more than Rp140,000 (less than RM70)

romantic place with live band!

my favourite Satay Tuna...yummy...yummy!

must try! 'Babi Guling' (Balinese Roast Pork)

enjoy drinks with sea view in Kuta Beach

a simple place for you to have a cup of coffee...
u can find it at every corner along the street

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